Ingólfshátíð – Viking Festival Reykjavík 2020

Today I was invited to observe the Icelandic reenactment society, Einherjar, Víkingafélag í Reykjavík in as they displayed some viking loot at their headquarters in Nauthólfsvík, Iceland. This included impressive weapons, some specifically designed for the youngest Vikings, helmets, knives, axes and more. I saw crafts, such as nalbinding and in the evening I had the pleasure of observing a blót, led by the seiðgoði Tómas V. Albertsson.

Below are some images taken during the day. Enjoy.

Ready for battle: the loot table
Training starts at an early age: Weapons and shields for the youngest Vikings
Small but mighty.
Einherjar, Víkingafélag Reykjavíkur, headquarters
I would advice against making the Einherjar Vikings angry.
Viking women posing like pros.
Fierce looking door/tent-men.
Seiðgoði, Tómas V. Albertsson performing a blót.

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