About me

I am currently working as an assistant professor in Museum Studies at the University of Iceland, where I lecture on a variety of topics, including, but limited to, the infinite meanings of trash, popular culture, visitor studies, heritage, professional occupations of museums, museum education and general musicological theory and practices.

My research interests have focused on subculture, the uncanny and disruptive elements of society, such as Vikings, horror, punk and unconventional museum displays. I am particularly interested in cultural stereotypes, such as Vikings and their uses in the heritage industry and society in general. Since my graduation I have looked into various topics, including the Icelandic Punk Museum, Saga Museum, the “Necropants” at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery, the uses of clothing and fashion in horror, sensationalism in museums and more. You can see more on my blog.

In 2017 I completed a post-doctoral grant from the University of Iceland, where I  furthered the research of my doctoral thesis. The work, updated and edited, is currently being developed for publication with Routledge as: The Performance of Viking Identity in Museums: Useful Heritage in England, Iceland and Norway.

Additional information on my research projects and interests can be found on the research page.

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