Despite the limitations of the stereotype of Vikings being well known within academia, it is nevertheless strongly rooted within popular culture. It seems that Vikings have managed to ‘sneak’ their way into almost all corners of contemporary culture and society. There are comics, romantic novels and video games starring them, music genres bearing their name (a special type of metal music is called ‘Viking metal’) and songs dedicated to them (such as Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigration Song’). Sport teams around the world have also embraced ‘Viking’ in their name, as well as numerous companies and company logos. The mere term ‘Viking’ has become to mean something strong, mighty and great. All over the Nordic countries (and elsewhere) Viking products are sold as tacky souvenirs for tourists, including postcards, statues, key chains and other knick-knacks.

On the cultural front, museums dedicated to Vikings can be found almost everywhere they had ever set foot. There are modern Viking societies both in and outside the Nordic countries dedicated to the preservation and re-enactment of Viking culture.

In light of this, I have collected various photographs demonstrating the presence of Vikings within everyday landscapes. These images are mainly taken in Iceland, although international representations are included in the gallery as well.

A few examples of my Viking photographs can be found on my Instagram Account, Everyday_Vikings

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